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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

against central govt.

i want to remind the central govt that our father of nation mahatma Gandhi,who ran how many movements in the period of 1900-1947. but the British govt never ever did like this what congress have done in Delhi  on 4th June, so many people were there but the Britishes never done this, they did in jaliawala bag case, but after that no one was killed or injured, cant our govt be like Britishes.... if congress is right so why they are not bringing the money from swizz bank. every one is corrupted if they are not corrupted so they will bring the money but i have full believr on the national govt. that they will not bring becoause they have forget that if they are in higher position in politics so this is just because of us..the indian people....we have to show them the power of indian people  jai hind

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