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Saturday, July 9, 2011


TODAY, today we did a fantastic job,as we were singing the songs i can feel the feelings of the listeners,the day when the listener will walk with us that will be the wining day of our life.we didn't finished our work yet we have to do more beyond this, we have to encourage people who are listing us...
                     TODAY 9th july at sadar we walk about 6 to 7 kilometers and shared a news for the people that we are aware about what is happening all around  and we will make u proud that your citizens are doing such a work that you couldnt, but you have the royal chance come and walk with us walk with us for the corruption free India walk with us for develop india walk with us for your child future come on don't wait .....join us in our PRABHAT PHERI...........

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  1. Dear Friend thanks for the post. This is really a commendable job as every single Indian is suffering from this corruption and actually all those people who have accepted that crime either directly or indirectly by keeping quite they all are responsible. People feel that some body should take the initiative people says if any body will do things will become better, now in India against corruption we are doing that for the nation. Now lets come and join this wave of 2nd freedom struggle of India. Lets join us tomorrow at MPEB Jabalpur sharp at 5:30. together we can & Together we will