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Monday, June 25, 2012

Miracle Mosque Haji Ali , Mumbai , Maharashtra

Pothole story
During the monsoon season almost all the roads of Mumbai become rough and have potholes. The shore line along the Hornby Vellard (Lala Lajpat Rai Marg) has been damaged numerous times due to the fury of the seas but up till today the pathway of the Dargah has never been damaged or become unsafe for the people to reach the Dargah Sharief even though it is situated in the middle of the Sea. The pathway has been spared by the fury of the sea and the monsoons. This is one of the biggest miracles of the saint, hundreds of years after his death.

Storm of 1949
In 1949 there was a big storm in Mumbai, which had not spared a single building without damage, but there was no damage to the Dargah, Sanatorium or the Pathway. There were waves of the size of mountains (like Tsunami) and most of the people who were inside the Dargah Complex were scared that they would drown. The waves then bowed down at the wall of the Dargah as if in submission to the Saint and faded back into the ocean. At the time, Earthen Lamps (Chiraags) were seen floating on the crest of the waves which was witnessed by hundreds of people. The people then returned home safely, unhurt & unharmed and without any damage to their property.

26th July 2005
During the heavy rains on 26th July 2005 there was a huge destruction over most of the parts of Mumbai but the Haji Ali Dargah was not affected by this incident.

Unshaken Faith of the Followers
It is learnt from the thousands of visitors and devotees who have visited the tomb of the Saint with profound faith and belief they have realized whatever gains they had sought from the Saints blessings

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