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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


  • What is manpower planning? what procedure can a building construction firm follow to forecast and plan for its employment need?
  • explain in detail difference between job description and job specification
  • how will you proceed to do a training needs assessment in a civil engineering construction company?
  • what is a grievance? why is it desirable that all work organizations have an established system for hearing and adjusting employee grievances?
  • describe the nature of a supervisor's job. what are his duties and responsibilities?
  • short notes on
  • ten guiding principals of personnel management
  • job description of a project management
  • difference between recruitment & selection?
  • what is HRM explain in detail role of a project manager
  • explain how an employee's grievance would be processed through grievance. procedure in a typical large complny.
  • what is HRM ? Explain in detail role of a project manager in HRM?
  • how will you procedd to trainine need assessment in a civil engineering conctruction company? how you will measure the impact of training effectiveness?
  • discuss important steps of selection procedure

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